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About MacPherson

About MacPherson

Founded in 1983, MacPherson Construction & Design consists of a team of design and construction professionals who take pride in orchestrating the countless details of a project and turning them into a wonderful home.

Roger MacPherson brings a unique package to the table with his ability to provide Architecture, Interior Design, and Construction services all under one roof. These combined services offer the owner an extra level of communication and accountability with the advantage of additional expertise, timing, and cost savings.

Our experience and expertise in waterfront design and construction allows us to navigate through the many challenges and logistics of designing, permitting, scheduling, and construction. We take great pride in having never designed and built the same house twice. Each custom home or renovation is a special reflection of our client's vision.

Our design team is capable of not only architectural plans but assisting in the artistic design of hand crafted elements all the way through furniture selection. Our construction team is a gifted and dedicated group of craftsmen with many years of experience.

Subcontractors and vendors are loyal and of the highest caliber. The commitment to excellence and our goal to deliver the best creates some very inspiring results. Attention to detail and a desire to exceed our clients' expectations is the guiding principle for providing an exemplary level of quality, price, and service.