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A Day Away From the Office

You know you have the best bosses when…..

Each year we get a day off to to hit the open seas and enjoy a beautiful day in the sunshine in the San Juan Islands. Well some years are less sunny than others, but this year people even went for a swim to cool off! It has become a tradition now, gosh, for more years than I can remember, taking a day off during the summer, going crabbing, hanging out on the boat, having some quality employee bonding time.

This year we need to give a huge Thank You to Curt and Sarah Cox from all of us at MCD for joining us and supplying one of the boats! Having their boat made it possible for all of us to go and hang out together!  And of course a big thank you needs to be given to our fearless leaders, Roger and Nancy, who once again so generously gave us this paid day off to go play together!! 

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