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Becki Thomas

Enjoying the Snow at Suncadia for the MCD Xmas Party!

Becki has been with MCD for sixteen and a half years, and is just that little bit of sunshine on a rainy day in our office, the friendly voice on the phone or the first person you see when you stop by the office, we know she would rather be down in Puerto Vallarta on the beach, but we are glad she stays with us! She always is seeking out the positive and finding joy in the little things in life.

She loves coming to work to hang out with all of her friends because it doesn’t even feel like work. Her absolute favorite thing is when clients throw parties at the end of the job and they invite the company to come and see and celebrate with them in their new space. And she also loves going out on the boat on a Friday in the San Juan Islands with the company, in the sunshine, eating those yummy Vietnamese pork sandwiches from Saigon Deli and drinking a beer all for breakfast and getting paid for it!

A few things you may not know about Becki:

Her biggest pet peeve is when people paint over brick or natural stone with white paint – luckily we haven’t done that yet, so she still likes us!

Her least favorite food is Tapioca.

If she wasn’t working for MCD, she would be working with the elderly in some capacity.

Cooking at the MCD Party!

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