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Client Review

We always love to hear from happy clients… Here is what they had to say!

“In 2010 we bought a MacPherson Construction home which had been originally built around 1996. Prior to moving in, we contracted with MacPherson Construction to undertake some upgrades and remodel. The project took approximately three months. We are very pleased with the quality of the original construction and the work done during the upgrades and remodel. The MacPherson staff were very qualified, professional, and courteous. They also were very helpful to us during the entire project.

In 2014, unfortunately, we had a water incident that resulted in significant damage. MacPherson Construction was contracted to undertake the repairs. The work was done on record time as we were faced with severe time and scheduling issues. The insurance company paid all costs without questioning a single MacPherson Construction invoice. We can not say enough positive things about all of the Company’s staff that we have had the pleasure of working with and who have been of assistance to us during the two projects.”

-Ramon and Linda Beluche

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