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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Today our interior design team ventured down to the Bellevue showroom to check out California Closets. This is such a gorgeous showroom! We have done many closets with CC in the past, but it was time for a refresher on what's new in the industry.

Not all of our homes call for a traditional looking closet. Here is a great example of a closet system that looks sleek and modern. By changing out the material used on the drawer faces they added a fun little bit of interest to this "simple" closet design. Love it!

They have about 25 large scale samples for viewing in their showroom as well as many other smaller samples to look at. We love the larger samples though because our clients are able to visualize their closet package so much easier. Not everybody can look at a 4x4 sample and imagine what it will look like installed! It's a gift. (For the record...face masks were worn while in the showroom! Stay safe if you choose to visit showrooms at this time!)

The reps in the showrooms have a vast amount of knowledge on their product. One of the things we learned about was the construction of CC's product and some of their standards they like to hold to when building your closet package. Some of their standards include a higher density mdf face material, soft close doors and drawers, 3/4" panel thickness, and so much more!

California Closets is continuously refreshing their line of products and they like to find that happy medium between timeless and current design trends. Their latest collection launch was a collaboration with Martha Stewart. This system leans a little more modern and is actually a transferable system! What does that mean? It is able to be uninstalled and re-installed at a new location. The line was geared towards the millennial generation and would be great for condos/apartments in the city.

There is so much more that goes into a closet than you might think, it's such a personal thing too which is great! It means that every closet is unique to each house and the way that person lives. We love how much customization California Closets offers and can't wait to see which project installs it next! :)

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