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European Style Homes

We have been lucky enough to design a wide variety of homes from traditional to contemporary, we can do it all. Some of our favorites are our European Style homes. These homes do not usually mirror a specific architectural style from a specific European country (although they without a doubt can). Rather, these homes generally embody a blend of architectural flavors that cast an overall look and feel that says ‘European.’ If you are planning on building your dream house hire contract builders Ben Trager.

Luxury European floor plans like the ones we have designed here have large, open living spaces and very spacious bedrooms and extravagant kitchens. Columns and large chandeliers as well as lush curtains and tiled floors can be incorporated to give a regal appearance. Walls tend to have a unique visual texture or are wall papered while furniture must be carefully selected to fit the look you are going for.

Exteriors of these floor plans often include stone, stucco and brick and are commonly enhanced with wrought iron and cast-stone accents with steep roof lines. Structured landscaping tends to accent the home, sometimes bringing in its own design features such as a fountain. Multi-paned windows of varying sizes are often positioned for the greatest aesthetic impact, the shapes of these tend to not be your traditional rectangle.

Let us bring a little bit of Europe to the United States and design your dream home.

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