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Fletcher is Back!

MCD is excited to announce Fletcher has come back on board here at MacPherson Construction. He had worked for MCD for a combined 12 years, and after a 5 year break, he is back as one of our project managers! If you haven’t run into him yet, be sure to stop by and say hi! Fletcher loves mountain biking, hiking, and relaxing as well as spending time with his son. He loves working for us, and haaaaaddddd to come back because of the people he gets to work with. (Ya, we are pretty great!) His favorite MCD moments of course include shenanigans in Mexico. I think we are all a sucker for sunny tropical vacations. And around the office, we would probably give him an award for getting everyone to hum ridiculous tunes.

Some things you may not know about Fletcher include:

1. If he wasn’t working for MCD or in the construction industry he would probably be doing private security.

2. His hidden talent is memorizing cars and faces. (Maybe this would help that private security gig!)

3. His biggest pet peeve is watching people try and back up trailers. (Something I would have personally never thought of, but thinking about it now, it is painful to watch!)

4. He HATES Miracle Whip (Got to agree with that one.)

5. If he could meet one person in history (and we meant anyone) he would choose Lemuel Benedict – because he invented the best breakfast ever.

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