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MacPherson Office Bathroom Remodel

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

The MacPherson office bathroom remodel has officially been completed! This refined, industrial bath brings an extra bit of style to the design office. But this remodel didn't come without it's challenges.

One major challenge the designer faced was the size of the original bathroom. There was a need to expand the size of the vanity...but the question was HOW. The solution quickly came to light as the designer and client worked out a way to push the shower out into the adjacent hall, allowing for an extra 1-2 feet of space in the bathroom. To make the bathroom feel larger, we took out half of the wall dividing the shower from the vanity and added glass. This helps light bounce around the space. The light bounces through the glass and off the white 3x6 subway tile. The dark paint on the walls and black hardware contrast with the white of the wall tile to give a bold dramatic look, softened by the diffused light and natural wood toned vanity.

This Native Trails Tolosa sink (shown in Slate) carries the bold look from the walls onto the counter top.

This custom vanity cabinet (built by NW Cabinets) is made of white oak and has a natural finish to bring life and warmth into this small space.

A fun mosaic floor tile was selected to bring some excitement into the room. This is the Riverside Drive Artistic tile shown in Diamond White.

The door to this bathroom also got a bit of a facelift with this Emtek knob and backplate in a matte black finish.

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