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It’s Steve Thomas Everyone

Steve with his wife Becki on the company trip to Capitola, California enjoying some cold beers.

Oh where do we begin with Steve. He may win the uniqueness award at our office. He claims he never works and just shows up on pay day but everyone knows he is the first or second person in the office each morning and one of the last to leave. The ladies in the office call him the Running Man because he doesn’t just walk into the office from his car, he literally runs. No wasted minutes here!

His first real job may have been picking his nose but we all don’t know if that has changed now that he is a supervisor for us at MacPherson Construction. His hobbies include waking up in the morning, watching Sleepless in Seattle on repeat, and if he wasn’t working construction, welp, you would probably find him sleeping somewhere- you have to catch your zzz’s eventually I suppose.

His ultimate vacation spot is his lazy boy recliner and if he won the lottery, the first place his money would go to would be reupholstering it. Some things you might not know about Steve are: If he were an animal he would be a two toed sloth. His biggest pet peeve is getting woken up. Last, his least favorite food is salty liver… does anyone actually like liver?

Andy and Steve getting ready for the Company Xmas Card Photo.

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