MCD Newsletter 07-13-21


INTERIORS: Aliyah / Hannah


Celebrating More Birthday’s & More Birthday Donations

Peter: The organization that Peter chose was “The Residency”. This charity provides music education (youth development through Hip Hop) so young underprivileged

kids can sing, record, play instruments and find like minded teens.

Mark: Mark wanted to have his $250.00 birthday donation go to Seattle Children’s Hospital. Knowing that it must be one of the hardest things to see your child in the hospital, this charity lessens the financial load of patient medical bills, so families can focus on being with their children.


Check it Out!

MacPherson Construction & Design was just featured in GC Magazine for

“The 8 Best General Contractors in Issaquah, Washington.”

Click the link below to see the full list!

The 8 Best General Contractors in Issaquah, Washington (Photos, Cost Estimates, Ratings)


Werner Site Updates


5CK Site Updates

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