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Meet our interior designer!

Meet Kara Bowman, interior designer at MacPherson Construction and Design now for 5 years. Having the ability to work with clients building custom homes never gets old for her. Kara loves that she has the opportunity to work with so many different styles of homes and that she can make someone’s dream home a reality.  If she won the lottery she would spend part of that money on a dream home of her own! Her favorite MCD moment was just last december when the company went on a “snow march” and had a huge bonfire at Suncadia for the company Christmas party.

Some things you might not know about Kara:

– Her hobbies include ballet, figure skating, snowboarding, and painting, and she is AWESOME at all of them!

– She hates sweet pickles.

– If she were an animal, she would be a monkey because she is super active and loves to climb and swing on things.

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