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Our new carpenter – Paul

Some people know him as “Pav” as in Russian Pavel, some as “Big” others just call him Paul, and he is our latest addition to the MCD team! He grew up working for his families construction company and then joined the army where he worked as a helicopter pilot, he was active duty for 10 years!  He also was in charge of a 38 home (19 duplex) subdivision which got him acquainted with high quality residential construction and learning how to manage all facets of a development while he worked at ABL Design and Construction in Boulder, CO. He is our new “safety guy” as he has completed a 30 hour OSHA safety course. Paul has also held real estate licenses in Lousiana and Washington so that he could assist with the sale of new construction homes.

He says if he wasn’t working construction he would probably own a crossfit/kickboxing hybrid gym. His hobbies include lots of physical activities such as running, climbing, hiking, recreational (not fanatical) handgun shooting, and like most of us, spending a little too much time online. His ultimate vacation spot is a cabin on the coast or up in the mountains, or both! He claims his hidden talent is classified, though we did find out he can juggle and think that counts as an unclassified talent! He is moving back to Washington to be close to his daughter and we couldn’t be happier to have him.

Some things you may not know about Paul:

1. If he could go back in history he would go be on the Lewis and Clark expedition.

2. If he won the lottery he would use the money for solar job creation / installation for nonprofits and probably spend time and money putting on triathlons, mud runs etc.

3. His least favorite food is Tuna, but only because sardines don’t count as a food for people in his opinion.  

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