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Our New Employee Emily

We are excited to announce our latest addition to the MacPherson Construction and Design, Emily Treece! Emily comes to us from Callison Architecture and is our new Design Associate crossing over between both the interior and architecture side of projects. She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis (not a WSU Coug, but we will forgive her) with a bachelor of Arts in Architecture in 2012. She also studied abroad in Copenhagen at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad. Her favorite subject in school was always Art and she is a self claimed HGTV junkie. Although only being with us for a short month now, she is one of the gang and joined us at our Christmas Party at the Blue Ribbon Cooking School.

Some things you may not know about Emily:

1. Her newly acquired skill is sewing. She has only been at it for two weeks and has made an infinity scarf, hobo bag, and a skirt. She thought this was impressive until she found out her boss, Roger MacPherson, learned to sew when he was 8, so really, not so impressive.

2. She worked as a project manager for the Gingerbread Village in Seattle, yes we mean real gingerbread architecture!

3. Her favorite fast food chain is Chick-fil-A. She literally can’t wait until the one opens in Seattle later this year. Apparently, you haven’t lived until you’ve had chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A… (I quietly disagree).

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