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I think we need to start diving into the details of some of the awesome projects we work on here at MacPherson. Mood boards, materials, and more! Let's checkout one of our homes we have under construction right now: Redmond Waterfront.

This project doesn't check just one box when it comes to house style. It blends modern farmhouse and northwest contemporary into one. The warm rich woods, steel elements, and dimensional stone lean northwest...and the white siding, black windows, and cutesy home features lean modern farmhouse. Either way, I think this home is going to be stunning!

So let's talk about the materials! The overall palette of this house speaks to neutral tones, subtle linear textures, and warm, rich, character-grade wood. The designer's goal is to blend styles...taking some elements from modern farmhouse (such as the classic white subway) and installing in a more contemporary fashion. Using longer and more narrow sizes and choosing unique layouts rather than your typical brick-set can achieve this.

Can't tell if it's the client who's afraid of color or the designer ;) Whatever the case may be... It's always good to remember that you can ADD color with temporary objects such as baskets, decorative vases, artwork, towels, etc! Once of MCD's favorite ways to add color to a bathroom is with towels.

Our go-to towels are these 802-Gram Turkish Towels from Restoration Hardware! They are super affordable and have a ton of colors to choose from.

ANYWAYS...These inspiration boards are featuring bathroom ideas for this home, let us know what you think! We can't wait to see how the job pulls together. Stay tuned for more, thanks for reading :)

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