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Hey everyone! We are back for part two of the MacPherson's remodel. Let's pick this back up at the powder bath.

This bathroom actually used to have a built in fish tank! The construction team demo'd that and added a little more floorspace to the bathroom. To keep the connection to the main living area and hall, the team selected hardwoods for the flooring material.

Can we talk about the walls in this bathroom!? They were done by one of our favorite people to work with, Rhonda Melnrick with Shade Trees Studios. She does an AMAZING job with textures and finishes. It totally added to the artsy-ness of this powder bath.

Now...The master bath!

By refinishing the trim, selecting new tile with neutral, earthy tones, and adding a freestanding tub, the MacPherson team was able to turn this space into an art lover's oasis! Does anyone notice the tub filler?'s on the CEILING! How awesome?

That wraps up the MacPherson home remodel. Stay tuned for details on some of our other project soon!

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