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Tyler Crosby

Tyler and his beautiful wife Katie

Tyler has made it to the one week mark! He started with our company last Monday and we are finding him to be a great addition already. He grew up in the Sammamish area and lives nearby now making his commute a breeze. He loves working construction because it is outdoors instead of behind a desk and because it is so rewarding. We hired him on as our new laborer and dump truck driver and we soon think he will rival Vinny for the title of Dump Truck Master Loader! Before working for us, Tyler was a Recon Marine in the military. And when he isn’t at work he enjoys spending time with his family, working out, hunting, and hiking.

Some things you don’t know about Tyler:

If he won the lottery, he would use the money to buy a house of his own.

If he could meet one person in history, he would choose Abraham Lincoln.

The book on his nightstand right now is the Enders Game.

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