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Welcome back to the one and only Javier!

It has been a few years since Javier was at MacPherson Construction and Design, but he is back and we are thrilled to have him! He is working for us as a carpenter, and having his positive attitude on our jobsites is definitely going noticed! You can tell he has a passion to work hard, and a pet peeve of grumpy people! haha. When asked about what the best gift he has ever received from a client, he answered that ‘they became good friends’… that is what we love about Javier! He is a genuine person inside and out. Now he tells us, if he wasn’t working construction, he would be off scuba diving somewhere, and boy does that sound nice right about now in the middle of winter! His hobbies include listening to music, fishing, and walking (and well, we know about the last one!) Javier was the winner of our January Fitbit competition landing himself a roundtrip ticket to the location of his choice! We also know he is secretly quite talented in the music department so you’ll have to ask him about that one.

A few things you may not know about Javier:

– If he could be any animal he would choose a monkey

– His ultimate vacation dream spot is Chile

– His favorite MCD moments have been when the company goes out crabbing

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