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Welcome Taylor Gaston

Taylor Gaston has come to MacPherson Construction to work as a Carpenter’s Assistant/Trainee. So far he loves working for MCD because all his coworkers have been welcoming, helpful, and friendly (though he admits, more so the women then the men.. haha) He already thinks he should be given an award for putting up with Pete all day. (Don’t we all feel that way, lol). His hobbies include sports, like playing soccer and snowboarding, hiking, going on road trips and traveling, as well as the occasional video game. His favorite movie of all time is Super Troopers. When asked what his hidden talents are he included that he is a pretty good ping pong player, and can shoot a mean game of pool.

A couple things to know about Taylor:

1. He would skip the salad at any meal and go straight for the meat! Definitely not a vegetarian.

2. If he could meet any person in history his first choice would be Marilyn Monroe.

3. And lastly, if he could be any animal, he would choose a Seahawk… and being in Washington, we can’t help but love that answer!

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