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Welcome to MCD Bjorn!

Another fantastic addition to the MCD team! You may have seen him on the job sites already, if not be sure to introduce yourself when you do. He actually grew up in the Sammamish area, with his first job being an after school supervisor at the Arbor School which is just minutes down the road. His hobbies include hiking, skiing, scuba diving, reading, and apparently, he should be given an award for being an expert rapper.

Some fun facts about Bjorn:

If he won the lottery, he would spend the money on owning a panda… better than that, if he could be any animal he would choose to be a panda… wonder if he has seen the video going around with the panda playing in the snow yet?

The book on his nightstand right now is Lonely Planet: Italy. Seems fitting that if he could meet any person in history he would choose Leonardo da Vinci!

If he wasn’t working construction for MCD he would be a dairy farmer…  yup, you heard it here first… Farmer Bjorn! But he does love working construction because you encounter new challenges each day and no two days are the same.

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