BUildIng YouR Dream Home
Since 1983

Founded in 1983, MacPherson Construction & Design consists of a team of design and construction professionals who take pride in orchestrating the countless details of a project and turning them into a wonderful home in the Pacific Northwest.

Roger MacPherson
Founder & Managing Partner


The 1st phase of design is creating the "Program," this is your wish-list, which will generate the look, style, and size of your home. We love to get to know you and understand your inspiration. From the program, we generate schematic plans ultimately getting us the first look of your new home.​ Together we will massage these plans until we are confident it's time to engineer the structure. We are lucky to have such a talented team who can bring your dream home to life with 3D modeling and renderings.



One significant advantage of working with a design-build firm is the seamless transition from phase to phase. While the drawings are in structural review, we keep busy and move into the start of interior design. Our interiors team will guide you through a great deal of selections. These selections include everything from roof color, door style, trim, and more. 3D models will help you better understand your cabinet design and tile layout. This information is all collected and used to generate a spec document for bidding. ​



Once the permit has been approved, selections have been finalized... time to build! At this phase we start seeing the design, finishes, and fixtures come to life. During the construction process, the project manager becomes more heavily involved with client communications and the team is in full production mode. The build process is very exciting as you see your vision come to life and go from a hand sketched floor plan to your forever home. Our dedicated project managers work with vendors that have been fully vetted by MacPherson Construction.

our Team



Roger founded MacPherson Construction & Design in 1983. Specializing in custom design & construction creating over 180 waterfront homes in the Bellevue area. Beyond work Roger has served as President of several arts organizations including Pratt Fine Arts, Glass Art Society and Pilchuck Glass School.


Senior Design Manager

Dan came to MacPherson in 2015 and has been a huge asset ever since. His attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot problems makes him an important part of our team. He loves spending his free time with his family whether it's hiking, camping, or working on a project around the house.


Senior Design Associate

Darrick joined the MCD team in 2017 after returning to school to get his Masters Degree in architecture at USC. He originally worked with the company back in 2008 driving the dump truck! He has lots of interest in design and fabrication, vintage motorcycles, music, metal and woodwork.

Kathy B

Senior Interior Designer

Kathy started with MacPherson in 2016 and brought a new flair to the interiors team. Kathy has a history of experience designing high-end homes in the Pacific Northwest and ran her own interior design business right out of college.


Interior Designer

Kara has been working in the interiors department at MacPherson Construction Since 2020. With her proficient organization skills, and passion for design, she fits right alongside the other amazing interior designers at MCD.


Interior Designer

Nikoya joins the MacPherson team with years of experience working in Interior Design in both California and Washington state. We couldn't imagine our interiors team without her!


Project Manager

Project Manager, Tom, has been working at MacPherson longer than any other employee except Roger! He started with the company in 1986 and has been with them ever since. There isn't any problem Tom can't solve, which makes him an integral part to the MCD team!


Project Manager

Andy has been working at MCD since 1994 and wouldn't have it any other way! His first job was construction and he loved it so much he never stopped. Andy's easy-going personality makes him super easy to get along with and if you strike up a conversation about visiting Chelan you're sure to get a smile!


Project Manager

Kent started working for MCD in 2008 and has since become a master at planning out a job. He is one of the first ones in the office/out in the field and can identify problems before they happen. In his spare time he can usually be found venturing off on his motorcycle or camping.


Project Manager

Donnie started working at MCD in 2020 with an extensive background in project managment and construction. Coming all the way from South Carolina, Donnie made sure to bring his skills and passion for the design-build profession.


Project Manager

Joe was hired onto the MacPherson team in March of 2021 and has been an essential part of the MCD team ever since. Joe is dedicated to getting the job done right and on time and has a personality that will brighten up any room he walks into.


Assistant Project Manager

He comes to us with previous experience in custom homes and we are excited to have him on the team. You will see him helping out at various job sites and when he is not working you can find him coaching several baseball teams in his spare time.



Mark moved to Washington from Minnesota and got right to work with MacPherson as a Carpenter. He loves being outdoors so working construction has always been a great fit for him. 



Peter loves working as a Carpenter because it allows him to be creative. He has a variety of hobbies (skiing, hiking, snowboarding, and biking) that would classify him as an outdoors kind of guy. If he wasn't working construction he would be a musician!



Joey came to MacPherson with 20+ years of experience as a Carpenter who loves snowmobiling, skiing and boating. You will see him out on the job site making the magic happen!



Vinny loves that he is able to see a home go from start to finish. He is one of our longest working employees and continues to showcase his skills on every job. If Vinny wasn't working construction, he would want to be a racecar driver!



Michael join MCD in the summer of 2021. He loves being involved in the design build process, and watching a project go from start to finish. With his hard work ethic and desire to learn, he is a great addition to any project.


Vice President

Nancy is the Vice President of MCD and there is no coincidence to her last name...she is wife to Roger MacPherson! Her super organized personality keeps everyone in-line here at the office! If she wasn't working at MacPherson, she would likely be working for a non-profit like Habitat for Humanity. 



Our lovely Chief Financial Officer, Kathy W., has been with MCD since 2000. She truly is one of the nicest people you will ever meet! Her hobbies include wine tasting, concerts, traveling, eating great food, and watching all Academy Award nominated movies! 


Accounts Payable

Accounts PAMable! Get it? Pam is our Accounts Payable go-to. She keeps track of everything in the office...nothing can get past her! Pam is a big time Coug fan and in her spare time she loves to sip wine with friends and family. 


Office Manager

In 2017, Kristin switched gears and decided to swap out her banking job for a position here at MCD. In her spare time she loves being a mom to her son Mason & Cooper, traveling, and staying fit! Kristin is also a Coug alumni...Go Cougs!


Client Engagement Manager

Kati came to MCD with a background in event planning and a secret talent of caligraphy. Her smile and joyful personality will quickly become familiar to many clients and vendors as she is likely the first person to greet you when you visit us here at the office! Also -- she's a COUG!



Don't be surprised if you see Henry, our loveable office dog wandering through the office, greeting our clients and barking at the delivery trucks.

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