Meet Accounts PAMable

Pam Werner, our lovely accounts payable lady, has been with our team for over five years. You will find her in the office with the other ladies keeping track of all the little tiny crumpled up receipts that the boys hand her way. She keeps us all organized and we couldn’t do it without her. One of her all time favorite MCD moments was seeing the entire staff on the plane down to Puerto Vallarta Mexico with their coordinating MCD t-shirts. Her favorite gift she received from a client was a nice bottle of wine, and she admits her favorite hobby is drinking wine with friends. (Who doesn’t like that!)

Things you would have never known about Pam:

Her favorite movie of all time is Rocky (yes, seriously.)

She loves her job because she has a stamp that says I’m “Queen of Absolutely Everything”.

Her previous job was as a high school teacher, and her not so hidden talent is being a “brown-noser”…. coincidence, I think not!

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