Meet Dan!

Dan Buchser joined the MCD team just over a year ago as our associate architect on staff. We are forever grateful to Emily for recruiting him to act as the “New Bob” in the office. His first real job was back working as a construction laborer for a residential contractor, and he worked at Callison as an architect so he has lots of experience in the construction and design world. Heck his favorite movie as a kid was Swiss Family Robinson.. totally appropriate for an architect I think! He loves working at MCD because of all of us awesome coworkers (his words, not ours, we swear!) And although he isn’t a Coug… he is our only “true” husky in the office… and we have sort of forgiven him for the poor life choice. Working for us the past year and two months some of his favorite moments include the company trip down to Puerto Vallarta at Villa Estrella Mar and the breakfasts there. (Anyone who has been knows the French toast is out of this world). But actual favorite work moment was seeing Jennifer Gallop’s face after they finally got their permit! Woo! He also had a pretty epic “site meeting” in Alpental with Pete… though we wonder how much work was actually done. He loves gifts from clients, especially big boxes of cookies! Dan likes to spend his time hiking, camping, watching football, and flying drones. He is also really into photography, and his secret talent is cooking! Dan also recently became a dad to the cutest kid out there. We are all so excited for him!

Things you may not know about Dan:

He hates pickles… or anything that is pickled.

On the job, his biggest pet peeve is dealing with permit comments with lazy jurisdictions.

If he won the lottery his would spend it on a new truck, moving his parents closer to family, and getting a college fund going for Carson!

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