Meet Kent!

Kent, sometimes referred to as Daryl, has been with MacPherson Construction and Design for over five years. He claims his first real job was at the circus wrestling alligators, although we haven’t verified that fact. He also claims he is a master sewing technician, and although this hasn’t been proven either, this is slightly more likely. He says his job title should be “Ulitimate Light Bulb Changer” which we cannot deny, as sometimes he is the only one tall enough to reach them, but he deserves a little more credit than that as he can probably build a house from start to finish all on his own. He loves his job because we are creating a place that the client calls home. He should probably, as he mentioned, be given the Super Awesome Daryl Award.

A few things you might not know about Kent:

If he could meet one person from history it would be Warren Buffet.

His favorite MCD moment was catching crabs with everyone!

If he could be any animal, he would be a flying squirrel.

Also, his birthday is in a few days so make sure to give him a little hell about turning 30!

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