Meet Mr. Brown!

If you hire MacPherson Construction and Design to build your dream home, you will without doubt see Vinny on the job site. Vinny has been with MCD for over 8 years and loves his job because you can see a house being built from start to finish. His first real job was driving tractors so he has come quite a long way. He is the biggest Seahawks fan in our office, that is for sure, and his hobbies include anything NFL related. His favorite MCD moment happened at one of our jobsites on Mercer Island when coworker Steve Thomas was shot in the face and chest by Bob the cad driver from 100 feet away. (Clearly you will need to ask him more about it). And if we gave him an award it would be for his incredible skill packing our dump truck to the brim without a gap of space, and for loving heights.

Things you might not know about Vinny:

If he wasn’t working in the construction business he would want to be a racecar driver.

If he won the lottery, he says he would spend it on fellow employee Kathy Wiggins.

His hidden talent is being able to ride a unicycle, now we wish we had one around the office!

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