Meet Nancy!

Nancy MacPherson joined MacPherson Construction over 13 years ago and works in the office as a self proclaimed “master delegater”. She is quite good at it. She is also shockingly organized (minor OCD, but MCD thanks her for it) and is always very fair. And no, the name is not a coincidence, she is Roger’s wife. I guess it must be true, a couple that works together, stays together! She loves her job because she has flexible hours and a two minute walk to work, plus the ladies in the office make each day great, it is like working with all of your closest friends. The best gift a client has ever given her was a trip to France and Bali! Thank you Taylor and Mary Lu Hawes!

Things you may not know about Nancy:

If she wasn’t working with her husband at MCD she would be working for a non-profit such as Habitat for Humanity or Heifer International. As a matter of fact, for the past few years she has been putting on a day of service event coordinating hundreds of people volunteering at a variety of events to give back to the local community.

Her least favorite foods are cashews and coconut anything! So don’t offer her any of those Samoa girl scout cookies, or try to sneak it into a meal, she WILL know.

If she were an animal, she would be a sea otter, playing in the water and eating great sea food. Fresh crab.. ya, ok we get it.

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