Meet "The Boss" - Roger MacPherson

Roger MacPherson started MacPherson Construction and Design almost 30 years ago. Since then, he has devoted is heart and soul to creating high end custom homes for his clients, loving having a job that is both creative and tangible. You can find him slaving away over the drafting board or out on the job site, or at his “studio” which is the clever name he gave his boat. When he isn’t at the office he enjoys making art, especially glass art and metal working, donating his time to places such as Pratt Fine Arts Center, as well as vacationing down in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. If he won the lottery tomorrow, he would give all of his employees bonuses and would enable his favorite non-profit organizations to succeed. His most memorable MCD moment was handing out $1000.00 in one dollar bills to employees Pete and Charlie for quitting smoking, a deal they had agreed on, if they gave up the bad habit! Something you may not know about Roger is that if he could meet one person in history, he would choose Elle MacPherson, his “long lost supermodel sister” and if he could choose any super power, it wouldn’t be to fly or read people’s minds, it would be the ability to lose weight by just thinking about it! He has come a long way from his days selling pit passes at the Seattle International Raceway as a kid, and may possibly be the most hardworking individual out there. Oh ya, GO COUGS!

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