Welcome Joe!

Joe was hired by MacPherson Construction back in March as an assistant project manager and carpenter, and boy are we glad we did! If he wasn't working construction he would be thinking about it, he really lives and breathes the industry. He has a biochemistry degree from the University of Washington but later went back to get a Construction Management degree. Joe is also fluent in Spanish which is an asset on the job site and conversational in French - maybe not as helpful but super interesting nonetheless. He is also a dual citizen of both the US and Switzerland. Joe is excellent at seeing things from other people's prospectives. His hobbies include gardening, boating, and just being outside with friends and family. He loves to visit family in California as well.

Some things you should know about Joe:

If he could meet one person in history it would be Harry Houdini.

He loves the movie The Princess Bride.

If he won the lottery he would spend the money on a new boat, a seaplane, and a waterfront home (built by MCD we are sure!)

He hates being late or when other people are late and also hates Flan.

If he were an animal he would be a baby lion.

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