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The 1st phase of design is creating the "Programming," your wish-list, which will generate the look, style, and size of your home. We love to get to know you and understand your inspiration. From the program, we generate schematic plans ultimately getting us the first look of your new home.

Together we will massage these plans until we are confident it's time to engineer the structure. We are lucky to have such a talented team who can bring your dream home to life with 3D models and renderings. 

Rest assured, we can navigate through the entire permitting process as well. 


One significant advantage of working with a design-build firm is the seamless transition from phase to phase. While the drawings are in structural review, we keep busy and move into the start of interior design. Our interiors team will guide you through a great deal of selections.

These selections include everything from roof color, door style, trim, and more. CAD or 3D models will help you better understand your  cabinet design or tile layout. This information is all collected and used to generate a spec document for bidding. 

Our designers have developed strong relationships with trade-only vendors, allowing us to get you unique furnishings that you won't find in your neighbors home. 


The permit has been approved, selections have been finalized... time to build! At this phase we start seeing the design, finishes, and fixtures come to life. During the construction process, the project manager becomes more heavily involved with client communications and the team is in full production mode.


The build process is very exciting as you see your vision come to life and go from a hand sketched floor plan to your forever home. Our dedicated project managers work with vendors that have been fully vetted by MacPherson Construction. These subcontractors must align with the three standards our company stands by; quality service, quality pricing, and quality product. Beyond this, we ensure that every vendor is fully insured, licensed and bonded. 

The result of all of this is a completely collaborative design process and an enhanced build. The connection between our architects, interior designers, and project managers throughout all phases of the design process are what set us apart and allow us to provide quality service, quality pricing, and quality product... getting you into the home of your dreams that is fit for your future. 

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